When Anger Breaks the Sky!
HnK Chapter 2
Japanese Title
怒り天を衝く時! の巻
Romanized Title
Ikari Ten o Tsuku Toki! no Maki
Total Pages
Date Released
October 3, 1983
WJ Issue
#42, 1983[1]
Chapter Chronology
A Cry from the Heart
Secret Technique! The Fist of Remorse

When Anger Breaks the Sky! is the second chapter of the Hokuto no Ken manga.


This section requires expansion.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


  • The original opening page, which depicts Kenshiro's face in the background with Spade and one of underlings in front, was omitted in the Jump Comics edition.
  • According to an interview in the November 2003 issue of Raijin Comics, Hara redid seven pages of this chapter under the request of his editor Nobuhiko Horie.
  • In the first page of the story (after the opening page), Ken's name can be seen written on his shoulder pad on one of the panels.
  • In one panel (after Kenshiro leaves Misumi's village), the bandages on Kenshiro's left arm are mistakenly drawn as a black armband. This was corrected in the kyūkyokuban.

Arc NavigationEdit

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