The Last Flight of the Swan!
HnK Chapter 81
Japanese Title
水鳥は飛ばず! の巻
Romanized Title
Mizudori wa Tobazu! no Maki
Total Pages
Date Released
May 6, 1985
WJ Issue
#21, 1985[1]
Chapter Chronology
The Fall of the Nanto Rokusei Ken
A Final Farewell!

The Last Flight of the Swan! is the eighty-first chapter of the Hokuto no Ken manga.


Due to Rei having the upper hand in their fight until now, Yuda reveals his backup plan he had prepared. Following Yuda's plan, Komaku and some other minions of Yuda destroy a dam, which causes a torrent of of water to flood the village..

Kenshiro reacts fast and saves Bat and Lin from being hit by the water, but both - Rei and Yuda - keep on standing in the way of the water.

Kenshiro finds Komaku near the broken dam, and defeats him before he gets a chance to poison the water. With his fists, Kenshiro breaks a piece from a wall, and carries it over to seal the leak in the dam.

Due to the very sandy ground , the water seeps down into the soild, such that the ground becomes viscous , and Rei can no longer move his legs.

Having Rei immobilized like that, Yuda finds it easier to land hits on Rei successfully.

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