God or Devil!? The Mightiest Man Appears in Hell is the first episode of the Hokuto no Ken anime.


After a long time wandering in the desert, Kenshiro is taken prisoner while wandering into a village looking for water. There, he shares a cell with a young thief named Bat, and befriends his cell guard, an orphaned girl named Lin. Shortly afterwards, a biker gang attacks the village and their leader Zeed takes Lin hostage. Ken breaks out of his cell and defeats Zeed, rescuing Lin. Ken leaves the village with Bat following him, while Lin stays behind.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  • Zeed (First appearance) (Death)
  • Kenshiro (First appearance)
  • Yuria (First appearance)
  • Lin (First appearance)
  • Peru (First appearance)
  • Bat (First appearance)

Arc NavigationEdit

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