Hokuda Shinken

Hokuda Shin Ken

Hokuda Shin Ken (北蛇鍼拳 North Snake Needle Fist): An imitation of Hokuto Shin Ken developed by Amiba through his research of vital points. It was named in the Ten no Haoh manga.

Amiba-ryū Hokuto Shinken

Amiba-ryu Hokuto Shin Ken

Amiba-ryū Hokuto Shin Ken  (アミバ流北斗神拳 Amiba-style Hokuto Shin Ken): The name used by Amiba for his style in the original manga. He believed that with this Hokuto Shinken, he could defeat Kenshiro's genuine Hokuto Shinken, only for the plan to backfire and destroy Amiba's hands.

Hikkō Gekishinkō


  • Gekishinkō (激振孔?): A pressure point used on 's father to make his heart explode.

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