Hokuto Gōten Shō
Gōten Shō (manga)
Kanji 北斗(ほくと)(ごう)(てん)(しょう)
Romaji Hokuto Gōten Shō
English Strong Heaven Rush
School Hokuto Shin Ken, Gō no Ken style

Hokuto Gōten Shō (北斗剛天衝, Strong Heaven Rush)

Appears in Edit

Original MangaEdit

Raoh used the remainder of his ki to restore light to the world in chapter 131, ending his life in the process.

Original AnimeEdit

Appears in episode 108. Raoh's usage of this is identical to that of in the manga.

Hokuto MusōEdit

In Hokuto Musou, this is the first of Raoh's Legendary Techniques. Raoh puts his fist into the air to create a pillar of toki around himself, heavily damaging or killing any nearby enemies.

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