Hokuto Hatenkai Ken
Zenrei no Ken (manga)
Kanji 北斗(ほくと)()(てん)(かい)(けん)
Romaji Hokuto Hatenkai Ken
English Fist to Take and Destroy the Heavens
School Hokuto Shin Ken, Gō no Ken style
Called by Raoh his Zenrei no Ken  (全霊の拳, Fist of One's Whole Soul). Also known as Hokuto Metten Ha (北斗滅天把).

Appears in Edit

Original MangaEdit

Raoh summons all of his tōki into his fist. His only use of this is in chapter 129 of the manga, for it to be a decisive blow in the battle between him and Kenshiro. However, Kenshiro managed to hit Raoh before his fist reached him, destroying what power Raoh had left in his fist.

Original AnimeEdit

Appears in episode 108 of the anime. Its usage by Raoh is the same as in the original manga.

Hokuto no Ken: Shinpan no Sōsōsei Kengō RetsudenEdit

In this game it is called Hokuto Metten Ha (北斗滅天把).

Hokuto MusōEdit

In this game it is called Hokuto Hatenkai Ken (北斗把天壊拳 Fist to Take and Destroy the Heavens)

Other mediaEdit

This technique is common in Hokuto no Ken media during the final of the climatic battle between Kenshiro and Raoh. It is featured in media such as Legend of Raoh: Fierce Fighting Arc and Legend of Heroes.

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