Hokuto Jasen Shu
Jatensha (manga)

北斗(ほくと) (じゃ) (せん)

Kanji 北斗邪剪手
Romaji Hokuto Jasen Shu
English Evil Dividing Hand
School Hokuto Shin Ken
Hokuto Jasen Shu (北斗邪剪手 Evil Cleaving Hand?)

An attack used by Jagi to lend credence to his mimickry of Kenshiro; by stabbing his hands into the victim's head in a fashion similar to Ken's Hokuto Zankai Ken, he can induce paralysis and eventual death.

Jagi uses this most-notably in his first appearance in both the Manga and Anime, as well as all of his appearances in the Hokuto Musou games.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga

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