Hokuto Jūha Zan
Juuha Zan
Kenshiro penetrating Heart's flesh

(ほく) () (じゅう) ()

Kanji 北斗柔破斬
Romaji Hokuto Jūha Zan
English North Dipper Soft-Breaking Slash
School Hokuto Shin Ken

Big Dipper Soft-Breaking Slash (北斗柔破斬 Hokuto Jūha Zan ?) is a Hokuto Shinken technique consisting of a series of rapid kicks, aimed to harden the target's body allowing the user to easily strike through their weakened defence.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Kenshiro uses it on Heart on page 167 of volume 1, chapter 7, titled "Mad Killer" (狂乱の殺人者 Kyoran no Satsujinsha?) nullifying Heart's natural defensive technique.
TV Series
Kenshiro uses it on Heart in episode 4, titled "Destroy the Bloody Cross!! Secret Fist, Juha Zan" (ブラッディクロスを撃て!! 秘拳・柔破斬 Buraddi Kurosu wo Ute!! Hiken, Juha Zan?).

Hokuto Musō Edit

In the game, Kenshiro leaps into the air and delivers a series of wide range kicks and, upon landing, charges forward to strike any remaining enemies causing them to explode.

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