Hokuto Kaikotsu Ken
Kaikotsu Ken (manga)

北斗(ほくと) (かい) (こつ)

Kanji 北斗壊骨拳
Romaji Hokuto Kaikotsu Ken
English Bone Crushing Fist
School Hokuto Shin Ken
Hokuto Kaikotsu Ken (北斗壊骨拳 Bone Crushing Fist?)
A two-fingered strike to the forehead which causes the victim's skeleton to explode out of their body.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Kenshiro performs this against the Colonel in volume 2, chapter 16, titled "The Tears to End Ambition!" (野望を断つ涙!の巻 Yabō o Tatsu Namida! no Kan?)
TV Series
Kenshiro performs this against the Colonel in episode 8 titled "Strike the Hidden Power Point! - No Requiem for the Wicked!" (経絡秘孔を突け! 悪党どもに鎮魂歌はない Keiraku Hikō o tsuke! Akutō domo ni chinkonka wa nai?)
Kenshiro performs a similar technique against Golem in episode 53 titled "The Death Omen Star Looms! Rei! How Cruel Time Passes By!" (死兆星迫る!! レイ! 天は残酷に時を刻む! Shichōsei semaru!! Rei! Ten wa zankoku ni toki o kizamu!?)

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