Hokuto Kōretsu Ha
Koretsu Ha(manga)

北斗(ほくと) (こう) (れつ)

Kanji 北斗鋼裂把
Romaji Hokuto Kōretsu Ha
English Steel-Rending Grasp
School Hokuto Shin Ken
Hokuto Kōretsu Ha (北斗鋼裂把 Steel-Rending Grasp?)
A Hokuto Shinken technique that breaks through flesh with the sheer power drawn from the fingers. Kenshiro counters Uighur's Mōko Hakyoku Dō with this move.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Kenshiro performs this against Uighur in volume 7, chapter 57, titled "Sleeping in an Unmarked Grave!" (眠れ墓標なき墓に! Nemure Bohyō-naki Haka ni!?)

Hokuto Musō Edit

Kenshiro creates a ball of ki in his palm and makes it explode, striking all enemies in front of him and making them explode.

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