Hokuto Rakan Geki
Rakan Geki (manga)

北斗(ほく と) 羅漢(ら  かん)

Kanji 北斗羅漢撃
Romaji Hokuto Rakan Geki
English Arhat Attack
School Hokuto Shin Ken

Hokuto Rakan Geki (北斗羅漢撃, North Star Arhat Attack)

The user assumes a squatting position and thrusts their palms out before charging at the enemy with a series of rapid-fire strikes. Jagi uses this technique in his rematch with Kenshiro and spits needles during the attack to blind him. However, this proved ineffective, as Kenshiro was able to grab the needles before they struck him.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Jagi performs this against Kenshirō in volume 5, chapter 43, titled "The Blood of Worthy Rivals" (強敵たちの血の果てに! Tomo-tachi no Chi no Hateni!?)
Jagi performs this against Kenshirō in episode 32 of the anime.
Hokuto Musou
Jagi can learn this move in his Meridian chart in Hokuto Musou.
Jagi Gaiden
Ryuken is shown teaching Jagi this technique in Jagi Gaiden.

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