Hokuto Sōka Ken (北斗曹家拳, North Dipper Cáo Family Fist)


Bakuryū Yōen Totsu JJ

Bakuryū Yōen Totsu (爆龍陽炎突, Exclaiming Dragon Daytime Blaze Void):

Chōki Kokyū Jutsu (Zhāng Tài-Yán)

Chōki Kokyū Jutsu (調気呼吸術, Character Spirit Respiration Art):

Daten Shō JJ

Daten Shō (堕天掌, Fallen Heaven Palm):

Genmu Hyakki Kyaku JJ

Genmu Hyakki Kyaku (幻夢百奇脚, Phantasm Hundred Strange Leg):

Muei Kyaku JJ

Muei Kyaku (無影脚, Shadowless Kick):

Kushin Datsumei (manga)

Kushin Datsumei

  • Kushin Datsumei (九神奪命, Nine Spirits Life Stealer): The user penetrates the skull of their opponent with their finger touching their brain and being able to control their mind.

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