Hokuto Sōke no Ken (北斗宗家の拳, North Dipper Head Family Fist, North Dipper Originator Fist): The original martial art of the Hokuto Sōke line.



Tōki Ransō (闘気乱層, Battle Spirit Wild Layer): A technique used only in the TV series. It creates the shape of the Big Dipper and neutralizes Kaioh's Anryū Gyakugeki Ha attack.

Hyo’s Hokuto Sōke no Ken style


Jōma Kōshō (擾摩光掌, Agitated Scouring Light Palm): A glowing-arm slash.


Manju Maon Ken (万手魔音拳, Ten-Thousand Hand Demon Sound Fist): A series of rapid hand-thrusts used by Hyō.

Kaioh’s Hokuto Sōke no Ken style

Jōma Kōshō (manga) Kaioh

Jōma Kōshō ( 擾摩光掌, Agitated Scouring Light Palm): Only used by Kaioh in Hokuto no Ken manga.


Seimyō Danretsu (凄妙弾列, Wonderful Bullet Train): A rapid-hand attack used by Kaioh.

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