Hokuto Sonka Ken (北斗孫家拳, North Dipper Sūn Family Fist)

The martial art ki manipulation as well as be able to control one's madness.


Charles de Guise’s Hokuto Sonka Ken style

Chōki Kokyū Jutsu (Charles de Guise)

Chōki Kokyū Jutsu (調気呼吸術, Character Spirit Respiration Art): Allows the user to hold their breath for over ten minutes. Used to escape a sinking ship.

Sōki Shō (Charles de Guise)

Sōki Shō (操気掌, Fidelity Mood Palm):

Uses chi to manipulate objects. de Guise uses this technique to control and stop bullets in flight.

Máng Kuáng-Yún’s Hokuto Sonka Ken style

Hikkō Heni

Hikō Hen'i (秘孔変位, Secret Hole Displacement or Pressure Point Transference): Allows the user to change the locations of the body's pressure points after altering one's ki and blood flow. This is done at the cost of one's life. However, not all pressure points are moveable by this technique.

Kyōshin Kon JJ

Kyōshin Kon (狂神魂, Madness God Soul):

Sōki Shō (Máng Kuáng-Yún)

Sōki Shō (操気掌, Fidelity Mood Palm):

Uses chi to manipulate objects. Kuáng-Yún uses this technique to control bullets in flight and to destroy Charles de Guise's gun and saber.

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