Hokuto Ujō Hagan Ken
Ujō Hagan Ken (manga)2

北斗(ほくと) () (じょう) () (がん)

Kanji 有情破顔拳
Romaji Hokuto Ujō Hagan Ken
English Humane Face Breaking Fist
School Hokuto Shin Ken, Jū no Ken style

Hokuto Ujō Hagan Ken  (有情破顔拳, Humane Face Breaking Fist)

This technique is part of Toki's compassionate style. He emits beams of tōki from his forearms which strike the pressure point Kensei, contorting the victim's body with pleasure during their death.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Toki performs this against his prison guards in volume 7, chapter 60, titled "Big Dipper Humane Fist!" ((北斗有情拳!, Hokuto Ujō-Ken!)
Hokuto Musou
Toki levitates into the air whilst in a crossed legged position. He performs a rising swipe with two hands, sending two waves of energy forward. He follows with two more cuts to his sides, lowering his arms. Toki places his hands into a praying position as the enemies joyfully prance before their bodies explode in front of him.