Hokuto Ujō Mōshō Ha
Ujō Mōshō Ha (manga)

北斗(ほくと) () (じょう) (もう) (しょう)

Kanji 北斗有情猛翔破
Romaji Hokuto Ujō Mōshō Ha
English Sattva Fierce Flying Rip
School Hokuto Shin Ken, Jū no Ken style
Hokuto Ujō Mōshō Ha  (北斗有情猛翔破 Sattva Fierce Flying Rip?)
This technique unleashes a series of rapid punches before delivering a fatal blow to the heart, causing the victim to die a painless death. Kenshirō used this technique to defeat Souther.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Kenshirō performs this against Souther in volume 11, chapter 97, titled "Defeated by a Deep Love!" (愛深きゆえに堕つ! Ai Fukaku Yueni Otsu!?)
Hokuto No Ken (Arc System Works)
Hokuto Musō
In the game, Kenshiro performs a different variation of the technique. He roundhouse kicks four times before thrusting his fist forward, and as his fist rises for an uppercut, pillars of ki project skywards from the ground, causing any weaker enemies in a wide vicinity around him to experience euphoria before exploding violently.
Toki also presents an alternate version of it as his strongest Hyper Signature move. When performing it, Toki floats into the air, producing two large waves of touki and spinning around, hitting the nearby enemies with his his ki, before finishing it with a last burst of touki.

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