Legend of Heroes
北斗の拳 英雄伝
Legend of heroes
Japanese Special Edition DVD cover
Directed by Tetsuo Hara
Produced by Nobuo Horiuchi
Shintaro Tanaka
Miya Naoki
Written by Buronson
Tetsuo Hara
Starring Kunihiro Kawamoto, Tesshō Genda
Music by Tetsuya Takahashi
Studio Digital Frontier Inc.
Distributed by Polydor
Release date(s) 2006
Running time 7 minutes
Country Flag of Japan Japan
Language Japanese

Hokuto no Ken: Legend of Heroes (北斗の拳 英雄伝?) is a 2006 CG 3D short which covers Kenshiro and Raoh's final battle.


Character Japanese version
Kenshiro Kunihiro Kawamoto
Raoh Tesshō Genda
Ken-Oh Palace Guard Shigeru Chiba
Ken-Oh Palace Guard Chikara Ōsaka
Ken-Oh Palace Guard Keikō Sakai
Yuria Midori Matsuo

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