Hokuto no Ken Special: All About the Man (北斗の拳SPECIAL ALL ABOUT THE MAN?) is a one-issue magazine published by Shueisha with a printed date of September 5, 1986. It is a special issue of Weekly Jump dedicated exclusively to Hokuto no Ken and served as the first authorized guide to the series, published while the manga was still in serialization. The retail price was 390 yen. The guide covers up to the end of the Raoh story arc.

The content includes a set of stickers, color illustrations, mini-posters, a showcase of gory villain deaths, interviews with Buronson and Tetsuo Hara, a gallery of opening pages (most of which were not reprinted in the Jump Comics edition available at the time), a reprint of the first Hokuto no Ken pilot, Kenshiro's personal data, biographies of all the major fighters with commentary by Buronson, a list of secondary characters, a list of known vital points and an illustrated look at Tetsuo Hara's early works prior to and including Hokuto no Ken.

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