Hónghuá Huì (traditional Chinese: 紅華會; Japanese: 紅華会; rōmaji: Kōkakai; literally: "Red Flower Gang") is based on the historical Shanghai-based Red Gang (紅幫 Hóng Bāng). Most of them were maimed in some way by Kenshirō Kasumi during a previous visit to Shanghai prior to the start of the series. It is estimated that they have murdered over 10,000 Qing Bang rival members after coming to power in 1932 when Kenshirō left for Japan. Their revenue stream comes from opium, prostitution and gambling. At one point Zhang Taiyan claims that these three sources of revenue surpass 200 billion yuan ($32.5 billion in 2013). The group's hideout is in Pier 16 -- the hub in the commercial district of Shanghai since the end of the Qing dynasty.

Organizational Structure

1 Zhang Lieshan
2 Zhang Taiyan
3 Huang Xifei, Tian Xuefang
4 Wu Donglai
7 Chen Juanmin

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