Huáng Xīfēi (黄 西飛, Kō Seihi) (c.v. Yōsuke Akimoto)

The Number Three Boss of the Hónghuá Huì after Zhāng Liè-Shān & Zhāng Tài-Yán. Due to injuries he suffered at the fists of
Kenshirō Kasumi, he must wear a metal contraption on the left side of his head and body. Whenever he moves he always shouts, "A-I-TA!" in pain.
Huang is a cruel man who regulalry holds death games forcing members of the Qing Bang to compete and get publicly executed. Huang has had three wives, all of them he he admitted to having killed when they angered him. He's a big contributor to a corrupt Catholic priest that will forgive any sins he confesses to doing or plans to commit for the right price, believing he can buy his way into Heaven. He is killed by Kenshiro via a head explosion, lamenting he should've prayed to the God of Hokuto instead.