Igor 1
Igor, as he appears in Ten no Haoh'
Name in Kanji イゴール
Name in Romaji Igōru
Fighting Style Kazan Shishiku Ken
Position(s) Warlord
Appearances Ten no Haoh
Voice actor(s) Nobuaki Kanemitsu
Igor the Lion King (獅子王イゴール Shishiō Igōru?)
A giant beast-like warlord from the North who uses the Huashan Lion Roar Fist (華山獅子吼拳 Kazan Shishiku Ken?). Igor conspired with Raizu's Army in order to invade Ken-Oh's fortress with a pincer attack, but he is defeated when Ryuga decapitates him with Tenrō Tōga Ken. His skull is later used as a wine glass by Ken-Oh and his men during the subsequent victory celebration.


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