Imperial Executioner
Imperial Executioner
As depicted in the manga
Name in Kanji 司刑隊の隊長
Name in Romaji Shikeitai no Taichō
Allegiance(s) Jakoh
Position(s) Imperial Execution Squad Captain
Appearances Manga (ch. 137), Anime (ep. 110)
Voice actor(s) Banjō Ginga
Imperial Execution Squad Captain (司刑隊の隊長 Shikeitai no Taichō?)
A minion of Jakoh, responsible for the deaths of Joe and Mamu's father. He has the "honor" to be the first victim of the returning Kenshiro, pummeled to death while consulting two rewards on Bat and Lin.

TV SeriesEdit

In the anime, his death scene is replaced with a skirmish between the Red Dragon faction and an Imperial patrol led by Geld. It's unknown what happened to the Executioner but his death may be presumed to happen off-screen.


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