Jū no Ken (柔の拳 Fist of Gentleness) is a form of Hokuto Shinken created by Toki. In contrast to his brother Raoh's Gō no Ken (Fist of Strength) which meets force with even greater force, this style uses deft movement and agility to turn an opponent's power against them. It was said that Toki's technical ability was the greatest of the four Hokuto brothers, which is why he was favored to become the successor until his radiation sickness.

Techniques listed alphabetically (omitting the redundant word "Hokuto").
㊙ = An "Ōgi" (奥義 secret) technique.

Toki’s Jū no Ken (Fist of Gentleness) style

Haryū Shō (破流掌, Break Flowing Palm):


Kenkon Ken (乾坤圏, Heaven and Earth Circle): Toki stands still and fires individual beams of energy from his hands to his front, systematically hitting left and right. He finishes the move by joining his hand in front of his chest for a final scattering blast.

Kiriki Soushi

Kiriki Soushi (不離気双掌, Joint Dual Palms): Toki gathers balls of energy in both of hands and then kneels. As he lowers himself, his hands clap together and fire a powerful beam forward

Musō Ryūbu

Musō Ryūbu (無想流舞, Nil-Thought Flowing Dance): Toki's Tai chi like movements.

Rago Sho

Rago Sho (羅喉掌, Louhou Palm): Toki thrusts his elbow forward to stun his foe. He inhales deeply while creating a multi-hitting ball of energy in front of him. He decisively thrusts his palm forward, sending his opponent flying.

Ryūko Jin (流弧陣, Flowing Arc Formation):

Sanzen Hakoki

Sanzen Hakoki (三尖破孔撃, Triple Pressure Point Strike): Toki delivers a palm strike for each step he takes, walking forward three times.

Seiko Ho

Seiko Ho (精光法, Spirit Light Method): Inhaling a deep breath of air, Toki stands upright and claps his hands together. He concentrates and is surrounded by a healing light.

Shōrin Kyaku (翔輪脚, Soaring Wheel Kick ):

Suibu Geki (酔舞撃, Drunken Dance Attack):

Ujō Danjin Ken

Ujō Danjin Ken (有情断迅拳, Sattva Swift Judgment Fist): Toki hurls several waves of energy in front of him, slicing in his projectile's path. As they near their end, the victims feel as though they're in heaven as their bodies distorts and cracks. Causes several of the Holy Emperor's soldiers to feel euphoria before their heads are split.

Ujō Hagan Ken

Ujō Hagan Ken (有情破顔拳, Sattva Face Breaking Fist): Hits the pressure point Kensei. Contorts bodies with pleasure before death.

Ujō Ken

Ujō Ken (有情拳, Sattva Fist): Toki calmly walks toward a foe as his fingers barely graze their foreheads. While his enemy begins to cripple, they remark their surprise at how it doesn't hurt. Toki gently steps back and prays for them as they explode. Named in Ten no Haoh manga.

Ujo Kosho Ha

Ujō Kosho Ha (有情鴻翔波, Humane Vast Gliding Destruction)㊙: Toki levitates his body upright high in the air. His hands fire beams of energy downward, gradually rotating Toki as he fires foes below him. He calmly prays for their peaceful death after levitating back to his feet.

Kenshiro’s Jū no Ken (Fist of Gentleness) style
Ujō Mōshō Ha

Ujō Mōshō Ha (有情猛翔破, Sattva Fierce Flying Smash): This technique is derived from Toki's Hokuto Ujō Ken, and the one technique which ultimately leads to the defeat of Souther at the hands of Kenshiro. A final blow to the heart, transmits a tremendous shock of Tōki through the body, achieving immediate breakdown of the adversary's muscular system.

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