Jadam, as he appears in Ten no Haoh.
Name in Kanji ジャダム
Name in Romaji Jadamu
Fighting Style Gentetsu Ken
Position(s) Warlord
Appearances Ten no Haoh (anime)
Voice actor(s) Taro Yamaguchi
Jadam the Steel Emperor (鉄帝ジャダム Tettei Jadamu?)
A rival warlord to Ken-Oh, originally mentioned in the Ten no Haoh manga, he only appears in the anime version. He uses the Gentetsu Ken (厳鉄拳, Stern Iron Fist) style, which allows him to transform his body into steel.
During a battle with Ken-Oh's troops, he fought against Ryuga and managed to blind him with a needle-spitting technique. However, Sakuya intervened and killed him with her Kokuzan Ongyō Ken.


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