Jask (manga)
Jask, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ジャスク
Name in Romaji Jasuku
Allegiance(s) Jakō
Family Jakoh (father)
Sheeno (younger brother)
Position(s) Imperial Guard
Appearances Manga (ch. 150-162)
Voice actor(s) Ryo Takishita (Shin Hokuto Musou)
Jask (ジャスク, Jasuku)
Jakoh's eldest son, who rose to power within the Imperial Empire when his father usurped the Tentei. Jask is a brutish thug who is loyal to very loyal to his father, despite Jakoh's cruel treatment. After Falco kills Jakoh, he escapes to the Land of Asura with Lin as his hostage, who unwittingly rescued him while he was trapped under debris during the collapse of the Imperial Palace. Falco tracked him down, only to find he and his soldiers had been slaughtered on the shores of Shura. Shortly before dying, Jask tells Falco that Asura is indeed a hellish land and the only thing he desires is to see Falco die while going after Lin.

TV seriesEdit

In the anime series, Jask's role is replaced by Tiger, the General of the Green Light.

Video Games Edit

Hokuto no Ken 3: Jask appears as an encounter in the Imperial palace who cannot be defeated and always runs away. He kidnaps Lin to lure Kenshiro to the land of Shura and is mentioned to have died there by an Asuran NPC.
Hokuto no Ken 5: Jask appears as a boss character. Curiously his ponytail is absent.
Shin Hokuto Muso: Jask appears as a boss in various dream modes. He uses the same dual club moveset as Zeed.

Notes Edit

  • Jask continually shows signs of his various injuries throughout his appearances in the manga. After Jakoh stabs Jask's leg, he is seen walking with crutches, and after Ein punches him, Jask is covered in crude and bloody bandages.

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