Jemoni, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ジェモニ
Name in Romaji Jemoni
Alternate spelling(s) Gemoni
Fighting Style Taizan-ryū Kenbu Jutsu
Allegiance(s) Raoh
Position(s) Minion of Ken-Oh
Appearances Anime (ep. 93)
Voice actor(s) Yūji Mikimoto

Jermoni (ジェモニ) is a mercenary warrior from the TV series who served under Ken-Oh, he boasted a record of 9,999 kills with his Taizan-ryū Kenbu Jutsu (泰山流剣舞術 Taishan Sword Dance Technique?).

He fights Kenshiro on top of a ruined highway and uses a secret technique that involves dual-wielding sabers. Kenshiro dodges his attacks and with a cruel irony utilizes a pressure point called Ringa (輪雅) so that Jemoni involuntarily decapitates himself - becoming the 10,000th and final victim.


  • Jemoni is modelled after Musashibō Benkei.
  • Similar to Balcom and Amiba's man-bear henchman, who were based on Baiken Kinbu and Gōda respectively, Jemoni appears to be based on the Taizanji Commander from the Hokuto no Ken manga pilot. Both have similar shaped huge scars across their left eyes. However, unlike other characters, Kenshiro never actually fought the Taizanji Commander.


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