Jennifer, as she appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ジェニファー
Name in Romaji Jenifā
Fighting Style Crossbow
Allegiance(s) Kenshiro
Family Aruna (grandfather)
Position(s) Rebel leader
Appearances Anime (ep. 18-20)
Voice actor(s) Masako Katsuki
Jennifer (ジェニファー Jenifā?)
Appearing only in the TV series, Jennifer is the leader of a resistance movement against KING. Jennifer first meets Kenshiro and his companions when her motorbike becomes stranded in the desert. As a reward for Bat fixing her bike, Jennifer invites them to her home village of Gina, where she lives with her grandfather Aruna. Afterwards, she assisted Kenshiro in his war with Shin.
Jennifer later served as Kenshiro's navigator en route to Southern Cross, where they encountered the Nanto Train Cannon. In order to buy Kenshiro time to breach the cannon, Jennifer used herself as a decoy and was killed by the blast.


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