Jin Kèróng (traditional Chinese: 金克榮; Wade-Giles: Chin K'ei-jung; Japanese: 金克栄; rōmaji: Kin Katsuei) Flag of Manchukuo (c.v. Ryuzaburo Otomo)

The Captain of the first regiment of the Manchukuo Imperial Guard, and is known as the "Chivalrous Fist Xiá of Hebei" (Fist of the Northern Yellow River). He is a master of Bājíquán ("Fist of the Eight Extremes"), and fights with a metal fan. Years ago, when Jin was working as a bodyguard in Shanghai for a Jewish financial group, his chest was scarred in a fight with Kenshirō Kasumi. The fight resulted in a draw but Jin felt cheated by Kenshirō because he refused to use Hokuto Shin Ken against him. Jin later interrogated and tortured Li Yongjian in order to lure out Kenshiro out for a rematch. In the second fight, Kenshiro Kasumi uses Hokuto Shiken and easily defeats Jin. Though Jin begs to Kenshiro to kill him, Ken refuses saying that he is is a noble man.

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