Joe, as depicted in the manga.
Name in Kanji ジョウ
Name in Romaji
Alternate spelling(s) Jo, Joh, Jou
Fighting Style None
Allegiance(s) Hokuto Army
Family none known
Position(s) Resistance member
Appearances Manga (ch. 137), Anime (ep. 110)
Voice actor(s) Ryoichi Tanaka

Joe (ジョウ ?)[1] was a member of the Hokuto Army from the West Central Area who tried to inspire an uprising in a town controlled by the Tentei's army. However, he caught the attention of the local Imperial Executioner, who decided to make an example of him by crushing his head in public.

The anime series features an additional scene where Joe is searching for Kenshiro's grave alongside his companions Jii and Ai after hearing rumors about Kenshiro's death. They find the (fake) grave only to be ambushed by the gravekeepers Zorba and Zaruji. Joe survives and escapes after Jii and Ai are killed, only to meet his demise in the village. He dies in the anime by having his neck twisted.



  1. Name given in the anime.

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