Yu's father
Jun (Yu's father)
Yu's father, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ユウの父
Name in Romaji Yū no chichi
Alternate spelling(s) Jun (unofficial name)
Family Unnamed wife, Yu (son)
Position(s) Villager
Appearances Manga (ch. 48), Anime (ep. 34-35)
Voice actor(s) Ikuya Sawaki
Yu's father (ユウの父, Yū no chichi)
The unnamed father of Yu, he was given the unofficial name 'Jun' in the English Master Edition of the manga.
Along with his wife, he took his ailing son, Yu, to the Village of Miracles to be treated by the healer, Toki. However, unbeknownst to him, Toki had been replaced by the mad imposter Amiba.
After "Toki" appeared to heal his son, Jun was forced to become a 'test dummy' in return and was about to have his respiratory muscles sealed until Kenshiro arrived in the nick of time.
When Kenshiro revealed that "Toki" had in fact euthanized Yu, Jun pulled a knife on his son's murderer, but Amiba struck his Gekishinko vital point which rapidly increased his heart rate until his blood vessels exploded.

TV seriesEdit

In the TV series, Yu is saved by Kenshiro before Amiba can euthanize him. Jun still tries to kill Amiba for this attempted murder and suffers the same fate as in the manga.

Video Games Edit

In Hokuto no Ken for PlayStation, Jun is absent, only his wife and son appear.
Jun appears in a cutscene in Shin Hokuto Musou playing his role in the manga. The attack used to kill him is a special move that can be used on foes when the playable version of Amiba is downloaded.