Kaneto Shiozawa
Birth NameToshikazu Shiozawa (塩澤敏一)
BirthdateJanuary 28 1954(1954-01-28)
BirthplaceTokyo, Japan
DiedMay 10 2000 (aged 46) (Cerebral contusion)
inShinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Years Active1975 - 2000
SpouseHarumi Baba (馬場はるみ)
Notable Credit(s)Mobile Suit Gundam
as M'Quve
as Geronimo
Area 88
as Shin Kazama
Vampire Hunter D
as D
Saint Seiya
as Aries Mu
Transformers: Masterforce
as Road King
Crayon Shin-chan
as Buriburizaemon
Sailor Moon R
as Prince Demande
Detective Conan
as Ninzaburo Shiratori
AgentAoni Production

Kaneto Shiozawa (塩沢 兼人, Shiozawa Kaneto, January 28, 1954 - May 10, 2000) (Real name: Toshikazu Shiozawa (塩沢 敏一, Shiozawa Toshikazu) was a seiyū from Tokyo affiliated with Aoni Production. He had a distinctive cold, calm voice which usually typecast him in roles as villains or anti-heroes.

His stage name originated from the Japanese director Kaneto Shindō.


Shiozawa yearned to be a performer since his boyhood. He graduated from Nihon University Second Senior High School, where he learned to perform in its art department. On May 9, 2000, at around 4:00, Shiozawa fell down the stairway of his home; he later fell unconscious, and died of a cerebral contusion at 12:54am the next day. He was 46. Hidekatsu Shibata was one of the attendees at his funeral.

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