Karen (Rei Gaiden)
Karen, as she appears in Rei Gaiden.
Name in Kanji カレン
Name in Romaji Karen
Alternate spelling(s) none
Fighting Style Nanto Hisui Ken
Allegiance(s) Raoh
Family Masaya (older brother)
Position(s) Commander of Ken-Oh's Invasion Force
Appearances Rei Gaiden
Karen (カレン Karen?)
Karen is a character who features in the Rei Gaiden serialization and The Magnificent Avenger one-shot. She was a female practitioner of Nanto Hisui Ken and once studied under Shu as his young apprentice. Karen was a sweet girl who grew up with Rei and cared deeply for his future as successor of Nanto Suichō Ken.
After the nuclear war, her older brother Masaya, the successor to Nanto Hisui Ken, died fighting against the Holy Emperor's forces as a member of Shu's resistance. Karen was overcome with grief and joined the warlord Ken-Oh's army to restore justice to the world. Karen was present during Rei's battle with Rofu, and she would later fight him as a member of the Ken-Oh Invasion Squad who attacked Mamiya's village. Rei defeated Karen with the Hishō Hakurei technique. In her final moments, she found peace in Rei's arms.


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