Katsu Hagan

(かつ) ()

Kanji 喝把玩
Romaji Katsu Hagan
English Shout Grabbing Jab
School Hokuto Ryū Ken
Katsu Hagan, also known as "Scream-Grabbing Jab", is a signature attack of Shachi. It is a Hokuto Ryū Ken counterpart to Kenshiro's Hokuto Zankai Ken in that it's used to finish off an opponent; the move gets its name from the fact that an enemy struck by it is unable to cry out after the impact, leaving them to die in silence moments later. Whereas the Zankai Ken stabs at the temples, Katsu Hagan strikes both hands directly into the opponent's forehead, the opponent's body then implodes.
Shachi was able to adapt this move several times during his career as the Rakshasa. He was rather fond of using a version of this move to leave a Shura unable to move or react until his allies found him, at which point he'd violently implode as a grim warning to his compatriots.