Name in Kanji ケイ
Name in Romaji Kei
Alternate spelling(s) Kay
Family Husband
Voice actor(s) Shōko Kanoki[1]

Kei (ケイ) was a young woman who was taken captive by members of the Golan gang along with other women and girls, including Lin and Rima, to be their wives. Kei's husband was among the men who ambushed the Major's group to reclaim their women, but he was taken captive along with Rima's father. The Major admitted his attraction towards Kei and then went on to claim her as his wife now just as he was about to execute Kei's husband. Kei and the women were eventually rescued by Kenshirō, although it is implied her husband is killed as in the panel when Kenshiro confonts the Major, the latter is standing over a corpse.

In the anime version of the story, Kei is not taken captive by God's Army (the anime version of Golan), although she still appears attempting to calm Rima after she is traumatized over her parents' deaths. Kei is later shown taking care of Rima at Johnny's bar. Her husband never appears in the anime, nor is he ever mentioned.