Kemada, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ケマダ
Name in Romaji Kemada
Fighting Style Kazan Gunrō Ken
Allegiance(s) Kiba Ichizoku
Family Fang Clan
Position(s) Member of the Kiba Clan
Appearances Manga (ch. 28-29), Anime (ep. 23-26)
Voice actor(s) Shingo Kanemoto
Kemada (ケマダ)
The Kiba Ichizoku responsible for the death of Mamiya's brother, , and then steals his necklace. He is later struck by Kenshiro's Hokuto Senjukai Ken and slashed by Rei. The name Kemada is only given in the anime, as he was a nameless tribesman in the original manga.

TV series Edit

In the anime, Kemada is given more characterization. He has a vain personality and gets jealous when a member comments on Rei's cuteness, though later admitting that Rei is adorable. A softer side of Kemada when it is revealed Kemada was very protective of his younger brother Gibara and brought his brother toys from the villagers he raided.