Ken'oh Army Corps Commander
Ken-Oh Gundan Dancho1
Commander as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji 拳王軍団団長
Name in Romaji Ken'ō Gundan Danchō
Fighting Style Archery
Allegiance(s) RaohYuria
Position(s) Raoh's Army Corps Commander
Appearances Manga (ch.130-136)
Anime (eps 104-108)
Raoh Den Gekitō no Shō
Voice actor(s) Juji Matsuda (TV)
Ken-Oh Army Corps Commander (拳王軍団団長 Ken'ō Gundan Danchō?)
An officer in Ken-Oh's army who was charged with shooting Raoh if he stepped across the line during his fight with Fudo. However, when they turned their arrows on Fudo instead, they were severely beaten by Raoh as punishment for shaming him. It was after this that Yuria tended to their wounds and they were charmed by her Merciful Mother Star. This caused the commander to shoot Raoh in the leg when he prepared to kill Yuria to learn Musou Tensei.


  • Many fans believe this character is supposed to be Zaku. The TV anime just called this character "Ken'oh Army Corps Commander" (拳王軍団団長) and he was voiced by a different actor than Zaku. The movie Raoh Den: Gekitō no Shō, places Balga in this role, though another separate character that looks similar to Ken'oh Army Corps Commander also appears.



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