Ken-Oh Shadow Squad Captain
Ken Oh Shadow captain
As he appears in the TV series
Name in Kanji 拳王影部隊隊長
Name in Romaji Ken'ō kage butai taichō
Fighting Style Ninjutsu
Allegiance(s) Raoh
Position(s) Assassin
Appearances Anime (ep. 99)
Voice actor(s) Masato Hirano
Ken-Oh Shadow Squad Captain (拳王影部隊隊長 Ken-Ō Kage Butai Taichō?)
The leader of Ken-Oh's Shadow Squad, a team of ninja assassins sent to stop Kenshiro from reaching the Nanto Capital before their master. Kenshiro defeats his troops, receiving several flesh wounds in the process, when the captain reveals that all of their weapons are tipped with a special poison that paralyzes the target. However, Kenshiro utilizes a secret technique to expel the poison from his body and defeats the captain.



  • This character and his troops appear to be inspired by the TV series Shadow Warriors.

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