Kepel (Rei Gaiden)
Kepel, as he appears in Rei Gaiden.
Name in Kanji ケペル
Name in Romaji Keperu
Fighting Style Hypnotism
Allegiance(s) n/a
Position(s) Asgarzul bouncer
Appearances Rei Gaiden
Kepel (ケペル Keperu?)
Kepel is a character from Rei Gaiden. A diminutive man who sat on Garay's shoulder and fought together as a single body and mind.
At one time, Kepel had been sent to Villainy Prison to tame Garay, using an hypnotic bell to control the brute's mind. They then served as bouncers at Asgarzul, working for Zan. They were promised a promotion in rank if they could defeat Rei. Kepel commanded Garay to use his Taizan-ryū Satsumō Ken technique and catch the wounded Valkyries in his net, swinging them as a weapon. Rei couldn't defend against this dirty trick, until Yuu stole Kepel's bell, stopping Garay in his tracks, and allowing Rei to kill both of them in one strike.

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