Kesshō Shi
Kesshō Shi (manga)

(けっ) (しょう)

Kanji 血粧嘴
Romaji Kesshō Shi
English Blood-Adorned Beak
School Nanto Sei Ken, Nanto Kōkaku Ken style
Kesshō Shi  (血粧嘴 Blood-Adorned Beak?)
The ultimate Nanto Kokaku Ken attack that Yuda was about to perform on Rei before his defeat.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Yuda performs this against Rei in volume 10, chapter 81, titled "The Last Flight of the Waterfowl" (水鳥は飛ばず Mizudori wa Tobazu?)
Hokuto no Ken Shinpan no Sososei Kengo Retsuden (video game)
This move serves as Yuda's Fatal KO move in the Arc System Works fighting game. The technique begins with Yuda throwing an energy wave at his opponent. Should the wave hit, the opponent will be unable to guard the next move. Once the opponent is hit by the wave, Yuda flies forward with his finger outstretched, spinning his entire body around in a torpedo-esque fashion as he drills his opponent fatally. This incarnation of "Kesshō Shi" resembles "Psycho Crusher" special move used by M. Bison in the Street Fighter series.
Shin Hokuto Musou
This move is Yuda's first Signature Move. It is a rapid fire slash attack.

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