Kiba Ichizoku

The Fang Clan, as they prepare for battle.

The Fang Clan (牙一族 Kiba Ichizoku?, also known as the Kiba Clan or simply the Fangs) are a gang of mountain bandits who pattern themselves after a wolf pack. The gang are masters of the Kazan Gunrō Ken (Huashan Wolf Pack Fist) style. The clan's leader and father figure, a giant man known as Kiba Daiō (牙大王 Great Fang King?), is a master of the Kazan Kakuteigi (Huashan Horn Wrestling) style, a style which allows him to harden his skill and turn his flesh into steel. Kenshiro and Rei are hired by Mamiya to protect her village against the Fangs. When Mamiya's brother, , is slaughtered by the Fangs, Ken and Rei put aside their differences to annihilate the clan. Boss Fang manages gets a hold of Rei's missing sister, Airi, and takes Mamiya captive as well, hoping to use them as leverage against the two masters. The leverage plan backfires and Rei rescues his sister, and finally, the gang is wiped out.

In the 1986 movie, the Fang Clan appears as a rival gang who fights against Ken-oh's army for their territory. Raoh defeats Boss Fang with ease.

The Fang Clan also makes a brief appearance in the anime, "Needless" in its fourth episode.

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