The King Arc is the first half of the Shin Arc and the very first story arc in the Hokuto no Ken series.

It focuses on the introduction of Kenshiro and him meeting his two orphan followers Bat and Lin. This arc starts Ken's journey to save his fiance Yuria who was kidnapped by his old rival Shin and fights the top lieutenants in his empire to see if he can find leads to his whereabouts.




Anime & Manga DifferencesEdit

  • In the manga, Shin and Yuria are already in Southern Cross from the beginning. In the anime, Shin starts out in a different base during this arc and the arc ends with Joker destroying it in an attempt to kill Kenshiro while Shin flees with Yuria where they then reside in Southern Cross afterwards.
  • In the manga, only Spade and Diamond were killed by Kenshiro in this arc while Club and Heart didn't appear until the Southern Cross arc. In the anime Club and Heart's fights were incorporated into this arc in different locations outside of Southern Cross.

Arc NavigationEdit

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