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Kodomo Band (子供ばんど Kodomo Bando?)

Kodomo Band
Background information
Years active 1973-1988
Label(s) Pony Canyon
Tsuyoshi Ujiki, Yū Yamato, Tōben Yukawa, Kōichi Tanihira
Former members
Seiji Katsu, Hiroshi Sugihara


  • Tsuyoshi "Jick" Ujiki (うじきつよし?, 1957/9/18): Vocals, Guitar
  • Hiroshi Sugihara (杉原ひろし?, 1964/5/1): Vocals, Guitar
  • Seiji "Katz" Katsu (勝せいじ?, 1961/3/5): Vocals, Bass
  • Yū Yamato (山戸ゆう?, 1958/1/29): Vocals, Drums


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