Kouketsu (manga)
Kōketsu, as he appears in the manga
Name in Kanji コウケツ
Name in Romaji Kōketsu
Alternate spelling(s) none
Fighting Style Bowgun, Kijū Ken double-team attack
Allegiance(s) n/a
Position(s) Military dictator
Appearances Manga (ch. 213-217)
Kōketsu (コウケツ?)
Kōketsu was a short, fat dictator who took over the wasteland after the collapse of Ken-Oh's empire. He was originally an obsequious horse-groomer in Ken-Oh's army, who was humiliated by Raoh when trying to win his favor. For this, Kōketsu held a deep, paranoid hatred for Raoh, even after his master's death.
Taking advantage of the peaceful era, Kōketsu forced Raoh's former soldiers into slavery by kidnapping their children, including Balga, whose young son, Shingo, was taken captive. Believing the age of strength was over, he ruled over a monopoly of agriculture and sent his armies to conquer any fertile lands. This caused the deaths of Ryu's adoptive parents and began Ryu and Kenshiro's quest for revenge. They infiltrated the slave camp and formed an uprising against Kōketsu, reviving the spirit of Raoh's army. Failing to defeat Kenshiro with his Frankenstein-like "pet", Kōketsu made his escape but accidentally killed himself with one of his own traps.

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