Kouketsu's Pet
Kouketsu's "pet", as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji コウケツのペット
Name in Romaji Kōketsu no Petto
Fighting Style Kijū Ken
Allegiance(s) Kouketsu
Family Kouketsu (creator)
Position(s) Kouketsu's "pet"
Appearances Manga (ch. 216-217)
Voice actor(s) N/A
Kouketsu's "pet" (コウケツのペット, Kōketsu no Petto)
The monstrous Frankenstein-like "pet" of Kouketsu, who was created using torture and a variety of powerful drugs to make him completetly subservient to Kouketsu. Kouketsu leaped onto his shoulders and together they performed the Kijū Ken technique. Kenshiro destroyed the creature with a finishing blow which cut off the top half of his body, ending the monster's tormented existence.

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