Kokuzan Ongyō Ken (黒山陰形拳?, "Black Mountain Secret Form Fist")

A martial art that can can attack people without being seen at all. The martial artist can control groups of people and hide within these groups. Used by Gaiya and Sakuya.


Meidō Shin (命動針, Life Change Needle): A technique Gaiya used to manipulate Meioh. It is said the effect wears off if Gaiya is killed.

Metten Hajō

Metten Hajō (滅天破城, Ruin Heaven Destruction Fist): Gaiya disappears into the crowd and launches a surprise attack. Raoh blocks this technique with his touki.

Shitotsu Ketsu

Shitotsu Ketsu (指突血, Finger Pierce Blood): A secret technique that strikes the lungs, sentencing the victim to two months to live. Used by Gaiya against Souga.

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