Name in Kanji クバル
Name in Romaji Kubaru
Fighting Style Uses a sledgehammer and a saw
Allegiance(s) Jagi
Position(s) Member of Jagi's Gang
Appearances Manga (ch. 39), Anime (ep. 30), 1986 Movie
Voice actor(s) Masashi Hirose
Shigeru Chiba (1986 movie)

Kubaru (クバル?) was a member of Jagi's gang who executed villagers that refused to pay tribute to his master (who at the time was posing as Kenshirō). Kubaru would bury certain villagers down to their head and then force other villagers to behead them with his saw. Those that did not comply, he killed with his sledgehammer. However, Kubaru met his comeuppance when the real Kenshirō arrived at his turf and saw his head in half.

In other mediaEdit


Kubaru in the 1986 movie

  • In the 1986 movie, Rei is the one who kills him instead, although the scene plays out identically otherwise.
  • The name Kubaru was given to him in the computer game Hokuto no Ken Online.[1] The character was nameless in the manga and anime.


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