Kyokusei Jūji Ken
Kyokusei Juji Ken(manga)

(きょく) (せい) 十字(じゅう じ)

Kanji 極星十字拳
Romaji Kyokusei Jūji Ken
English Pole Star Cross Fist
School Nanto Hōō Ken style

Kyokusei Jūji Ken  (極星十字拳, Pole Star Cross Fist)

The signature technique of Nanto Hōō Ken. Souther charges forward at great speed and slices a cross-shaped wound across the victim's chest.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Souther performs this against Kenshiro in volume 10, chapter 87, titled "The Emperor Smiles!" (帝王の微笑! の巻 "Teiō no Bijō! no Kan?)

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