Lan (anime)
Lan, as she appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ラン
Name in Romaji Ran
Position(s) Nova's girlfriend
Appearances Anime (ep. 53)
Voice actor(s) Hiroko Emori
Lan (ラン Ran?)
Appearing in the TV series, Lan was a young girl who was kidnapped by the UD Gang.
She originally lived with her boyfriend, Nova, and the rest of their young friends in an abandoned ship in the middle of the desert. However, one day, they were attacked by Yuda's men and Lan was kidnapped, along with the rest of the girls, and taken to Blue Town to serve as Yuda's slaves. When Nova arrived with Kenshiro and Rei, the thug Golem tried to kill Lan but she was saved in the nick of time and reunited with Nova.


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