Lǐ Yǒngjiàn (李 永健 Ri Eiken?) (c.v. Umeji Sasaki)

Worked as an assassin for the secret society Qīng Bāng and was called "The Sleeping Dragon" (睡龍, Shuì Lóng). A good friend of Kenshirō Kasumi. At the beginning of the series, the old man works as a food taster for Emperor Pu-Yi and travels with him to Japan. He was captured by the Hónghuá Huì and was interrogated as to the whereabouts of Yán-Wáng (Kenshirō Kasumi) by Jīn Kè-Róng. Even when they cut off his toes, he refused to tell them anything. Lǐ dies from his illness by the end of the first story arc after revealing the fact that he came to Japan to give Kenshiro a letter from Pān Yù-Líng.

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