Lui (manga)
Lui, as she appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ルイ
Name in Romaji Rui
Alternate spelling(s) none
Allegiance(s) n/a
Family Lin (twin sister)
Position(s) The Celestial Empress (天帝 Tentei?)
Appearances Manga (ch. 156-160), Anime (ep. 120-124)
Voice actor(s) Yoshino Takamori
Lui (ルイ Rui?)
The Celestial Empress (天帝, Tentei), and Lin's twin sister. When they were still babies, only one was permitted to live by Jakou, but Falco could not bring himself to kill Lin and entrusted her to his auntie and uncle. Lui was kidnapped by Jakou and locked underground in the Imperial Palace as a means for Jakou to blackmail Falco and seize power for himself.
Bat, Lin and Ein infiltrated the Imperial Palace to free her, while Kenshiro was fighting Falco. When Lin meets Lui for the first time, she learns the truth of her parentage. After Lui is freed, Falco turns against Jakou and kills him.


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